Be Lovefool

‘Lovefool’ is the first book written by Italian young writer Amalia Angellinni and published in English, German and Polish by Scholar Online Europe.

Amalia is a young, passionate writer and her fans love her story for creative, innovative conceptions and lyric style framing the relationships between main characters: Mia, Julian and Sebastian. BE LOVEFOOL :-)


Part 1 / Czesc I / Teil 1
‘Lovefool’ :: Amalia Angellinni :: English (original) edition
‘Lovefool – Głupiec w miłości’ :: Amalia Angellinni :: Wydanie polskie
‘Lovefool – Der Narr der Liebe’ :: Amalia Angellinni :: deutsche Ausgabe

Part 2 / Czesc II / Teil 2
‘Lovefool – I (m) mortal’ :: Amalia Angellinni :: English (original) edition

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