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It is a story about a Roman soldier, Marcus Lucius, son of the great warrior Maximus, who protects his friends (Appius, Octavian) and falls in love in Julia Fabia, while he is on the way to revenge his killed wife, Decima. It’s a story with many risky actions, intrigues and it’s about friendship, loyalty and of course love. It’s set in the times of the emperor Hadrian.

Review by Emilia Wagner (2013) :
I read it and I liked it a lot, but LOVEFOOL Saga is for me even better. What I was surprised of was the end. There was a lot of action, mysteries and intrigues. I loved it. I was like the BBC series about the emperor Claudius. I think everybody would be pleased to see it as a movie (like Gladiator with Russel Crowe) or a series. It’s very good written, fluently and lyrically. I loved the battle scene. It was impressive! It sounded like music! Like a symphony! Awesome! There is a lot of historical background, but it’s not depressing.