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Examples of Pictish symbols found in Scotland

Examples of Pictish symbols found in Scotland

-If you are the son of your father, why don’t you use his name as yours? Why are you hiding behind a name of another man? – Cunobarros formed aloud the thought that occupied everyone here.

Marcus Lucius smiled brighter, but sadder.

-That is right what you say. I am hiding behind a name of another man. You remember my father and his friend. My father fell during a battle as a real warrior. His friend needs my support and therefore, I act under false name. However, my promise given to you is binding with the same power independent from the name I use. I give you my word for that.

Cunobarros nodded politely, but inconclusively.

-Give us time to confer. We will give you our answer soon.

Marcus Lucius nodded and stood up slowly.

-Fair enough. – He said and bowed out.

Nerva followed his example. The local villagers went to the side so that Marcus Lucius and Nerva could leave the building. Then, they took their horses and rid away. The late afternoon began and they were happy to come back to the villa before the darkness came. After the ride, they had to confer themselves.

-Give me a moment. – Marcus Lucius said and sent for Julia.

He was strictly confused as she couldn’t be found. The slaves acted nervously and Marcus Lucius didn’t like the kind of tension. He felt under his skin that something wasn’t right.