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Italy's countryside

-We’re on the way to Britannia as Appius ordered. Your wound bled heavily. – She started explaining while Marcus Lucius touched his naked breast and wondered about the burned skin without saying something. Apparently, he ignored her words. He didn’t even nod pretending to listen. Instead, he simply examined his chest and the burned injury. It took his entire attention.

Julia was ashamed, because she blamed herself for not being able to stop Octavian from burning Marcus Lucius’s chest. The way he gazed at the injury made her think that he could be annoyed and think she didn’t act properly. It was her duty to protect him, when he wasn’t able to do it himself. She had to put more effort into this. She felt completely guilty and stopped talking. Her last words sounded rather rachitic than normal.

Suddenly, he looked at her and his eyes were clear and focussed. He collected his thoughts and memories. He didn’t need any additional help from her to know what was going on.

-Tell Octavian it’s good. – He whispered with a dry mouth. She gave him water and he swallowed a few times.

-Now? – She wondered, because his request wasn’t clear enough.

He minimally shook his head.