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Rome under the Snow

Nerva didn’t stay long. He guzzled quickly like a hungry bear and left her after he saluted to her. Julia didn’t try to catch Marcus Lucius’s attention anymore and she observed the trainings with calm, neutral face expression. She fought with her impatience. Her egoism whispered the wishes she tried to suppress. It wasn’t the time for being selfish. It wasn’t the time for savouring moments. It was the right moment for keeping Marcus Lucius on distance so that he could stay focussed on his mission. He should save them all. Maybe then, his previous acts would be stroke out of his register. Maybe then, he would get a chance to start anew. Julia didn’t complaint as she stayed alone in the tent, even in the night. Marcus Lucius stepped briefly into the tent and as he saw her sitting in a chair, he suggested her to lay down in his bed.

-I’ll come back soon. I have to praise the motivation of some legionnaires. – He said and didn’t wait until she felt asleep in a surrounding that wasn’t cosy. The tent was the minimum of what she could get and she should be satisfied, because she was protected from wind and rain. The wall-to-wall coldness of the last winter days wasn’t supportive. Julia covered herself with many blankets and she still shivered. As she finally started dozing, she percepted someone’s warm hand on her head. She woke up and with a sleepy eyes, she whispered: