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Cherubini by Dave Engledow

Marcus Lucius’s mother was strictly against the relationship which was just another reason for him to accomplish the mission. Marcus Lucius wanted to marry Decima from the very first moment he saw her. She wasn’t the first girl he saw, he used to be a womaniser for a while, but he gave up senseless, empty evenings with women and started thinking about a longterm relationship. His mother introduced him already many appropriate girls, but none of them caused such an impression on Marcus Lucius. Decima’s smile was the first smile that made him feel better.

This kind of feeling was new to him, so he followed Decima up to her sister’s house. She ignored him at first, then, she looked back and smiled. She didn’t say a word. When he asked for her name, she smiled, but kept silent. Within two days, he asked her to marry him, even though he didn’t know her at all. She laughed about it, because it sounded like a joke. He was serious and as she got it, she nodded. He kissed her and accompanied her to her father’s door.

With Marcus Lucius’s money, the entire debt was paid off. Decima moved to the villa of Marcus Lucius’s mother and Marcus Lucius went to Thracia. He didn’t notice the tension between his mother and Decima. He was surprised when he visited Rome after getting permission to visit his family. He used the time to marry the girl he was in love with and to kiss her even more than once. She was happy, trustworthy, unburdened when she made her fare-wells. He was lucky and unworried as he kissed her goodbye.