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She went forwards. The fallen leaf was frozen and slippery. The wet air and wind weren’t pleasant, but Julia was able to switch off her nagging mode. The new feeling spread in her body and covered the pain coming from her arm. She didn’t look at her stitched underarm, because she didn’t find it important. She had a clear mission. She had a goal. She felt bizarrely happy and was surprised by her good mood. She expected to be afraid of death, but after all, she knew which freedom her lost would bring to people involved into the mascarade. She was mentally prepared to die almost like Japanese divine wind. Compared to kamikaze, who intended to do as much damage to the enemy as possible since he was crashing anyway, Julia was full of good intensions. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. She didn’t care about anything else. She just kept going forwards avoiding the roads and villages.

Sculpted from one block of marble-The Veiled Vestal Virgin - Raffaele Monti