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Nerva acted in the background and didn’t lose Julia from his eyes for even a moment, even if he looked at others, too. He didn’t like Julia to hobble from place to place, but she didn’t let him lift her up. At first as she already finished her duties there, defined by her own will, she wanted to go and eat her breakfast. It was already too late for any breakfast and she could easily get the dinner. He noticed that Julia paid attention that Chloe stayed always in her proximity. Nerva reminded what Marcus Lucius told him the day before and how badly the misunderstanding was. Nerva didn’t ask about a punishment for the manly slave. It was Marcus Lucius’s decision. He looked at Chloe and thought that she had skinny cheeks and scared eyes. She was aware that her offender was captured and couldn’t move freely, but it didn’t help her to win the internal peace.

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