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Marcus Lucius flew like a galley of the kind that fought in the wars of Assyria, ancient Phoenicia, Greece, Carthage and Rome. Already at the sight of him, you could easily recognize the power captured in his body. His muscles on the arms weren’t tensed, but visible. His minimal smile wasn’t artificially polite, but friendly. He was accompanied by Cornelius’s soldiers. They were everywhere and slowly, he could go through the roof. His self-control was trained with the same routine and motivation like his muscles. Cornelius’s legionnaires were impressed by the congenial appearance of Marcus Lucius, because he always responded to their salutations and never said an annoying word. They respected him and expected to turn a blind eye to Marcus Lucius, when he was near to Julia. She was his wife and usually, married people in Rome showed their sexual affection to each other. Julia and her husband weren’t this type of Roman citizens. Cornelius’s soldiers appreciated the will to have privacy and therefore, they didn’t react when Marcus Lucius and Julia stayed together. After the first nights, Cornelius’s legionnaires were sure that there were no acts of violence between the married couple. They seemed to be a happy, lovely pair of souls just like the pairs from stories told in the epics.

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