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As Julia was busy with her thoughts, Marcus Lucius was not able to forge out any further plans. He had too many variables to consider. At first, his health condition didn’t allow him to have his revenge yet. He had to train his body to deserve the description “killing machine”. Then, he had to find a good occasion to find Quintus. It was probable that Quintus would visit Brigetio and stay in Aquincum, but Marcus Lucius had to make sure to find him somewhere. It wouldn’t be clever to show up in a public place after months spent in hiding, without any explanation, only to find out that Quintus wasn’t there. His whereabouts had to be confirmed before. The third aspect was about leaving Britannia. He could easily steal a horse and ride through the empire as he already did once before, but leaving Britannia implied at least two potential sources of trouble. Firstly, Appius shouldn’t be punished for a friendly gesture. So before Marcus Lucius would even start preparing to leave, he had to clear the situation with Appius. Another thing was Julia’s fate after the whole story came to light. However, the very first aspect seemed to be the most crucial to Marcus Lucius. He had to come back at least to his average health condition. Then, he would be able to take on the responsibility. He would explain to everybody that he pretended to be Maxentius and forced Julia to act as his wife. It was easy. Even the talk with Appius seemed to be simple suddenly. It was a step-by-step-strategy.

Ludovisi Gaul and his wife, ca. 220 BC