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He didn’t react. He defended his position: he wanted to know what happened.

-If you tell me… – He was weak, but he didn’t intend to give up. He could fight for his wish up to the deadly end. Julia noticed it and reacted appropriately.

-I will, if you lay down first. – She was next to him and bowed over his body. She didn’t argue, she offered a compromise. She analysed the disaster he caused to himself. The wound bleed increasingly. She put her hand on his chest and looked Marcus Lucius into the eyes.

-You lay down, I’ll tell you what you want to know.

He calmed down quickly and let her push his body down onto the bed. He followed her moves and let her pull her hand towards his chest. It was extremely painful, but he didn’t lose his senses. He observed how calm she acted. Earlier, she made a chaotic, insecure impression, but in the moment of stress and risk, she didn’t let herself get worked up in any way. He watched as attentively as possible how she took a clean piece of material and put it into a strange substance that smelt totally unpleasant. Then, she rubbed something into his chest and he thought there was a fire set to it. His heart almost jumped out of the body. His forehead was wet with sweat and his arms and legs started to tremble. He didn’t feel good, but he kept focussing at Julia. Her face was calm, in contrast to his condition.

-Hush, hush, and breathe deeply. – She whispered and washed his sweat away from his forehead.

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