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She didn’t die until dinner time and noticed someone coming into the room unexpectedly. By reflex, she covered her arm with a part of her dress and waited to see who interrupted her silence. It was Chloe, bringing the dinner. Chloe wanted to enkindle the fireplace, but Julia sent the slave back. A fire would ruin the cold mood fulfilling the room. It was much easier to take a bath in depressive, pessimistic thoughts when it was freezing. A warm, cosy fire could make Julia think about other issues and she wanted to stay in the zone of shadows and coldness. The slave disappeared quickly, quietly. Julia kept sitting in her place and could not decide if she would have to cut herself again or stand up and wait for what would happen to her next. She wondered that Cornelius didn’t appear as he promised. It wasn’t really important. It meant that he simply forgot her, as everybody else. For her, it was another sign that the world didn’t need her. It confirmed her in her opinion that she has chosen the right direction.

Roman Baths in Bath, England

Sample comes from my book, Vengeance & Remission