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Marcus Lucius stopped in front of Julia’s bedroom doors and wasn’t sure whether he was allowed to go into the room or whether he should sleep in his own bed this night. After all, he was drunk which could trigger a less polite look of Julia. He stood in the floor for a longer while and couldn’t decide what to do. Still uncertain, he perceived a motion in Julia’s room. He reacted immediately. He jumped like a lion and within seconds, he was in the middle of the chamber. He looked around. The light was dimmed, barley enough to see, but a skilled, trained soldier was able to recognize the shapes of different objects. He saw the blurry edges of a wooden sideboard, a rough, heavy table and two comfortable chairs, Julia left her dress in a chaotic way. Then, he looked to the bed and saw Julia’s shape. She wasn’t sleeping. Her eyes sparkled in the night like two little, magic stars. He came to her and kissed her passionately. She had soft, pleasant lips and warm, delightful skin. He held her face in his hands and kissed chaotically, quickly, greedily. She returned the kiss, surprised by her openness and lacking resistance. It was a good feeling she had inside her heart.

Le Louvre, Paris